Castle Energy

Challenge: An energy conscious, start up needed branding and marketing materials to compete in the renewable energy industry.

Approach: T29D met with Dave and learned that Castle Energy focuses on 3 areas of renewable energy; solar, wind and a combination of both… or a hybrid.

Solution: Our first task was to create a logo based on our discovery. Castle Energy services both commercial and residential. The castle has always been referred to as someone’s home, so we looked at different graphic ways to represent the company. We also know that sun rises in the east and sets in the west while wind can gust in all directions. Energy resources are directional. We incorporated a simple compass rose to pull it all together. Dave loved the look. We swapped the castle with a silhouette of a solar panel and wind turbine inside the compass, along with colors to represent each, to create a series of icons to be used throughout their marketing efforts.